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El Handaseya For Industrial Filters & Supplies

  • El Handasey is characterized by the design and implementation of all types of industrial filters.

  • The company has been established since 2013, the company dealt with many companies, which attest to the quality of the products in addition to the competitive prices of filters.

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1. Manufacture of a press filter (Filter Press)
2. central air conditioning filters (HEPA filter - wild filter - bag filter).
3. hydraulic filters.
4. powder filters.
5. dust filters and fly filters.
6. gas filters.
7. Alama oil refining filters (Blankets) and there is a rehabilitation for the Blankets.
8. air filters.
9. petroleum refining filters.

10. stainless and copper sieves.
11. Felt and silk pants, Nomex and filter housings.
12. compressor filters.
13. full stainless housings.
14. elasticated zippers and gussets.
15. Pompe Bottoms.
16. stainless steel wire by meter or cut to order.
17. swimming pool filters.
18. bee honey filtration units.

19. Polypropylene pallets

Industrial filters

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